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How does commission processing work?

It’s simple, you supply your yarn to us and we do the rest. We process all different types of yarn for our customers including cottons, polyesters, acrylics, nylons, linens, hemp and bamboo and a whole range of woollen yarns including shetland, merino, cashmere, alpaca and mohair.

We can perform all of the processes in our repotoire or any one process can be requested as a stand alone job. For example if you want your yarn folding, twisting, waxing, steaming and balling that is no problem, but equally if you simply want some cones of yarn re-winding or just steaming we can also offer those individual services.

Unless it is a repeat order, we’ll discuss your needs and quote accordingly. Our commission processing jobs are very varied therefore we don’t operate a standard price list. Prices quoted are based on what you require as well as the quality, count and quantity of yarn. If you already know the specification such as the Turns Per Inch (tpi) that you want to achieve that’s great we’ll work to your information. If you don’t know, don’t worry, we can discuss it with you, offer advice and provide samples.

Our commission processing services include:

Winding and Re-Winding

We can wind your yarns from one type of package to another. We can also re-wind yarns. We wind on both cones and cheese.


We can increase your yarn fold. For example if your yarn is singles and you would like it to be 4 times as thick, we’ll put four ends together. We can put up to 16 ends of yarn together. It can be 16 ends of the same product or several different products or shades which you would like putting together to create a marl effect.


We can twist your yarn. It’s what we do best. We twist in both S and Z directions, so whether you want more twist adding, twist taking out, or components twisting together we have the solution. Our twisting machines can handle both fine and coarse yarns from single 0.5’s through to single 120’s cotton count.

Waxing and Steaming

Sometimes yarn will require waxing in order to make it easier to knit with and to give more stitch definition. We also offer a heat setting service in order to relax the yarn to ensure it is suitable for knitting or weaving.

Trials and Samples

Our experience and knowledge make us a good choice when you need to choose a partner to help develop innovative yarn combinations and twists. We also ensure that the trials and samples we undertake can scale to bulk orders when required.

Designer Advice Service

Many textile based designers value our experience. We have the knowledge to give solid advice regarding the twist direction and the twists per inch required to create the desired end yarn or fabric result. We believe that we offer the most designer friendly service on the market when it comes to willingness and flexibity to do intricate trials and sample lots which require precision and fast turnaround.

We appreciate that sometimes it’s easier to deal with one supplier rather than several, so if required we are also able to manage additional services for you by utilising our reliable network. We become your single point of contact:

Yarn Balling

We can arrange for your yarn to be balled or put onto hank for the crafting or hand knitting market.

Yarn Dyeing

We work with several dye houses and can arrange to have your yarn dyed.

Please get in touch if there is something not listed here that you need doing. We’ve being in the textile business a long time so if we can’t help we’ll try and put you in touch with someone who can.

The yarns that we merchant on a regular basis include cotton, cotton slub, acrylic, acrylic slub, linen and linen slub.

From these we can put together various combinations for example cotton-acrylic and cotton-linen blends.

Core yarns available from stock include;

  • Ring Spun Carded Cotton – 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 ne
  • Open Ended Spun Cotton – 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 ne
  • Combed Cotton – 2/16 ne
  • 100% Cotton Slub – 1/8 ne
  • 100% Drayon Acrylic Slub – 1/8 ne
  • 100% Linen – 1/16 LEA Linen Wet Spun

On request all of the above products can be made available in other counts and can be multi-folded or twisted together up to 16 ends.

We can also offer a number of products which are made to order for example;

  • Cabled cottons for weaving and knitting
  • Yarns twisted with lurex

Additionally we can source many different wools from Shetland to Merino and from Mohair to Cashmere and Alpaca. We can then take these yarns and create marls or fancy twists based on your needs.

Please send us an enquiry if you would like information about current prices, minimum order quantities and shade cards. If you are looking for something that is not listed please contact us. We have a strong, reliable network and will gladly try and source it or twist it for you.

Yarn Call off

We offer a yarn call off service whereby we hold pallets of yarn that you have puchased from North Vale and you call if off as you need it. You only need to take the amount you need when you need it. You benefit from the economies of scale of placing a large order but you don’t need to have the warehousing or storage space available at your own premises.

We have several tennants that occupy space at North Vale Mills, they range from professional distribution businesses to events and theatre companies. Some tennants have space from which they conduct the day to day running of their business, others simply utilise the space for storage of stock.

We offer on-site parking and we are ideally located, close to the M62 with easy access to Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield.

Contact us to find out what size office units and storage options are available.